The theme for Sunday Morning Adult Education at Congregation B’nai Jeshurun this year has been What Does It Mean, and looked at topics Jewishly  from food to life cycle events to philosophy.  On Sunday mornings February 6th & 13th at 9:45 am, Rabbi Matthew D. Gewirtz and TBJ Social Work consultant Ilana Mazur, LCSW, will present What Does It Mean To Believe in a Jewish Afterlife.
The two-session class will discuss the vast Jewish traditional belief in afterlife through the study of text and discussion.  Topics will include Immortality of the Soul, Physical Resurrection, and even the concept of Transmigration.  Sharing personal thought on the topic will make for a distinctive study.
As is tradition, coffee & bagels will accompany study.  All are welcome.  For further information about Adult Education and other programs at Congregation B’nai Jeshurun, contact Executive Director Alice Lutwak at 973 379 1555 or