BLOOMFIELD, NJ - Today's State of Emergency Declaration has people questioning the action, its meaning, and what they are permitted to do. 

In a nutsell, the governor of New Jersey can declare a State of Emergency when a situation has occurred, or is expected to take place, that may warrant the State to provide resources to help local governments. According to the NJ Office of Emergency Management (OEM), "This declaration authorizes the Governor to speed State agency assistance to communities in need" In a situation like today's winter weather, the resources are usually extra plows and salters on the roads and highways, as well as additional public safety resources. 

The State of Emergency typically does not restrict the movement of the public. Depending on the situation, public access may be limited if there is a public safety issue. Businesses are not required to close in a state declaraton of an emergency. 

For the most part, the State of Emergency is a preparedness action, alerting state agencies including the State Police, to be on alert.