I have come to realize the power of children. I always knew that children were special but until I had my daughter, I could only imagine the power they hold. The truth is kids hold a secret power that makes us love unconditionally, follow our gut instincts to protect them, take care of them, think about them constantly and motivate us to be better people. This is such a strong power that I can't help but think it belongs in a Positive lifestyle column.

So, here it is:

The teachings of my daughter

1. My daughter has taught me to love again. I was closed off due to my past and the baggage caused by my past but my daughter taught me the way to wipe the slate clean and start all over again. Not only did she teach me to love fully but she taught me to trust again

2. My daughter taught me it's ok to act like a child- to be silly, laugh and smile all the time. She taught me silly is good - we all need a little silly in our life. We all need to have fun, be fun and share our fun times with others

3. My daughter taught me to be more creative. That creativity is a gift and should be expressed on a daily basis.

4. My daughter taught me that stereotypes, prejudices and bias are all learned traits. My daughter doesn't care about the color of your skin, race or religion of another person. She doesn't care if they are rich or poor, their physical attractiveness or lack of. None of this ever made a difference. My daughter has met people in wheelchairs, with walkers and other disabilities - she never knew the difference. The only thing my daughter ever said or cared about was: Are they nice and do they like to play? My daughter is truly color blind!

5. Kids only know of NOW!! They don't worry about future issues, they don't complain about the past. They just do and be. What a relief that is -- to know people can live in the now and the past or future doesn't have to be in control of you. Think about it: why would we worry about a future that isn't here yet and could change at any moment? Why worry about a past that is gone, can't be changed? Why not learn and move forward with hope?

6. My daughter taught me the joy of a smile, a hug, jumping in my bed - waking me up first thing in the morning, My daughter taught me to feel again thru touch! She taught me it's ok to hug, kiss and hold hands. The simple pleasures of life.

7. My daughter taught me to learn again thru observation, senses and play. I no longer have to learn thru a text book and formal training, I have other options. I can learn thru hands on experience.

This only touches the surface of what I have learned from my daughter. Why do they always say children learn from adults? It might be the other way around.