I am living in a fog.  Like so many fellow neighbors and citizens, I was caught by surprise last Saturday by a freak October snowstorm that brought down trees and branches and ultimately, power lines and power.  I have been living without my power for several days, waking every morning to a cold house, and wondering, what should I wear?  Well, first I curse…and then I wonder what to wear.  It is times like these that force you to think about the basics - what to eat, where to go to get warm, and how and where to charge your electrical items.  Being me, I cannot do any of these things without first figuring out what I can wear that will keep me warm and chic at the same time.

Here is what I have learned in the last few days of discomfort: like a nice hot bowl of soup or stew, you need a solid go-to outfit that will warm you.  For me, that means my slim black slacks and black leg warmers, with a cozy sweater.  I have always had a soft spot for sweaters.  I love the style of a chunky sweater, and each year I treat myself to a new one.  (I’m currently searching for a color-block sweater with geometric shapes.)  Getting back now – when you have limited time and energy to get dressed, it is important to find your outfit quickly.  I have alternated sweaters, but the slacks have remained the same.  I complete the look with my black booties and my go-to lipstick, and I am ready for whatever the day brings (almost).

So here’s to all of us getting power soon.  Here’s to comfort clothes so that we can be seen at our best while we may be feeling our worst. And here’s to weathering an emergency in style.

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