There are a number of logical places to offer any unplanned sale you decide to run. The most obvious are:

* Your email marketing list

* Your website

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* Your social media accounts

* Through your affiliates

* Through your joint venture partners

Let’s look at each of these in turn.

Your Email Marketing List

Email marketing lists are the first place you should announce any special sale because you should treat your leads and customers like gold. Reward them for their loyalty to you by giving them the best deals.

Your Website

You can also post a special sale on your website. It will take a bit more work because you will have to edit the page for the item you wish to put on sale. Once it is ready, it will be time to drive traffic to it.

Your Social Media Accounts

Posting the sale on your various social media accounts is one of the best ways to promote the sale and drive traffic to the sales page that you have created. Posting on social media is also a good idea because people who see it might pass along the information to the other people in their network.

You can also post to any groups that you belong to and create sponsored posts through ad networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Track the traffic and types of traffic that come in from each of the networks, and watch your profits roll in.

Through Your Affiliates

If you are planning a big sale, try to notify your affiliates as soon as possible of the dates you will be running the sale, particularly the launch date. In this way, they can line up their promotions easily to help make your sale a success. For example, if they know you are running a sale, they can put that sale on their email marketing calendar and social media calendar, and promote it in order to make the most of the opportunity to sell your great products. 

Through Your Joint Venture Partners

In a similar way as you would for your affiliates, let your joint venture partners know that you are running a special sale so they can take advantage of it. They can mail the offer to their list, and when they run a special sale, you will do the same in return. In this way, both of you will profit and you will gain access to your partner’s customer base and basically advertise to them without spending a dime.

An unplanned sale can seem like an ordeal and a lot of extra work, but making the most of your existing contacts can help you make the most money from your sales.

Next time, we're going to look at how to bundle your offers to help potential buyers who are looking for a bargain.