Before the New Jersey Legislature passed Assembly Bill (A-2578) in 2013 to legalize gambling in the state, including online betting in New Jersey, bettors primarily used offshore casinos or illegal domestic sites to place bets on poker, blackjack, slots, and other popular casino games. The issue with these types of casinos is that while some of them are licensed in their own country, none of them are regulated and none offer the protections of licensed and regulated New Jersey casinos. 

Why Legal Online Casinos Are the Safe Choice

Many people new to online gambling are often weary with placing action on an online casino game because they are trusting the software to be accurate and not rigged. When you use a regulated, licensed online New Jersey casino, or even one of its top poker sites, you can be assured that they are using some of the most sophisticated technology in the industry to keep the games fair. 

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The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement has strict regulations and licensing requirements for online casinos, and the accuracy of the casinos’ software is verified through the Technical Services Bureau (TSB). To ensure all the online casino games offered in New Jersey are fair, the TSB analyzes all gaming equipment and software before the casinos can launch them. 

When bettors utilize regulated and licensed online New Jersey casinos, they can trust that the game is as accurate as a brick-and-mortar gambling hall. 

The Truth Behind Unregulated Online Casinos 

Even though betting through online casinos is legal in New Jersey, unlicensed and unregulated gambling sites are still abundant. Not all these casinos are offshore, making them appear legitimate since they are local. While the Department of Justice shuts down many of these unregulated casinos, several fall through the cracks or close for business entirely, taking players’ money with them. 

Most of these unregulated online casinos tempt new users by offering players larger bonuses and enticements than the regulated ones. But in the end, it usually costs players more. 

Many of these casinos have built a poor reputation through the years for voiding players’ winnings without any reason, not paying out jackpots, using rigged software, and deceiving bettors with deposit bonuses that come with surprise rollovers and terms that are nearly impossible to accomplish without losing a ton of money. 

In addition, when these unsavory casinos do pay their players, they usually have hefty withdrawal fees that significantly cut into the players’ profit. When bettors use regulated and licensed online casinos in New Jersey, they not only avoid all these frightening consequences, they also boost the local economy. 

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