Len Resto is running for a seat on the Chatham Borough Council. That much is certain. But after that, it gets a little murky. I wonder if the people of Chatham, or even Resto himself, know who the real Len Resto truly is.

Until sometime around 2007, Resto was a registered Democrat. His switch to the Republican Party was, according to an article he wrote for a local publication, because he believed he "could be more effective in trying to drag the local Republicans to the middle than remaining a Democrat." While I appreciate the dedication it must take to be a political saboteur, I find Resto's words and actions in serious conflict.

At the debate last Tuesday night, when asked a question about how to incorporate "green" changes into the community pool, Resto parroted the Republican talking point about needing to focus on all of Memorial Park, not just the pool, without once mentioning anything "green." Odd, since he is the chair of the green initiatives committee.

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Instead of taking an independent stand on an issue that he claims to care deeply about, he caved. Could it be because he is no longer an independent voice, fighting to change the party from within, and is simply following orders? Perhaps his dedication to "green issues" is also a front, simply a means to an end like his party switch. Or is he the ultimate covert operative, saying all the right things now and then wrecking the Republican agenda once elected.

One last possibility is that he is simply a man with conviction being steamrolled by the party establishment he set out to change, and despite avid attempts to do something, is falling far, far short of his goal.

I don't know, but I plan on casting my vote for candidates with clear objectives and a plan to get there, and not someone who can't figure out if he's the one playing the Republican Party or the one getting played.