The final event on the Main Stage at Play Day as has become a tradition was the Town Hall Delicatessen Sloppy Joe Eating Contest. It is the Tenth Year since the contest was inaugurated by Town Hall Deli.

This year eight contestants participated trying to become the person who could eat the most sections of aa traditional Sloppy Joe cut, as usual into eight sections.

The contestants were introduced as they entered te stage and included Matt Mathius and his son Dereck, Giselle Bellig, a 23 year old Setong Hall Graduate, Dan the Man representing the DPW, Mighty Mike from parts unknown also of the South Orange DPW, Kevan Donahue of Maplewood, Judge Veena "The Judge" and the reigning champ, Scott Egleberg, Captain of the South Orange Rescue Squad.

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The contest was timed at 3 minutes, 12 seconds based upon the length of the music played while the contestants gobbled as many sections as possible. Just prior to the eating commencing, Matt Wonski, Owner of Town Hall Deli, brought out the trophy which hold the names of the previous winners. Then the music and eating started.

This year, rather than a single winner, there was awards for Third, Second and First Place. The winners, with volume consumed by each, are: 

First Place: Scott Egelberg - 8 Sections

Second Place: Mighty Mike of the DPW - 6 Sections

Third Place: Kevin Donahue  - 5 Sections

Ebleberg was so confident that he would win that once he was awarded his prize, he had a label with his name ready and added it to the trophy.