NEW PROVIDENCE, NJ - After the recent snowstorms, we have been seeing an increase in our patients with severe back problems.

During this winter season of snow shoveling and treacherous ice it is extremely important to get a proper diagnosis of any low back, hip, and leg pain. A typical patient suffering from back pain radiating to the buttocks, thigh or leg is commonly called Sciatica. These patients are often told that they just have a protruding disc in their lower spine, which is pressing on the sciatic nerve. 

When conservative treatment, like back exercises, anti-inflammatory medications, deep heat treatments and rest fails to provide lasting relief, back surgery is a common recommendation. More than half of these cases may not be suffering from a disc problem at all and surgery gives the patient only limited relief, if any.  Many people are actually suffering from a condition called piriformis syndrome. The piriformis muscle is a deep muscle of the buttock.  This muscle can go into spasm due to subluxations in the lumbar spine and pelvis. Subluxations are spinal misalignments causing nerve interference, entrapping a nerve.  The resulting pressure on this nerve can cause debilitating pain, not just in the buttock where the nerve is being squeezed, but also pain in the lower back. 

Prolonged sitting (for example working on a computer), activities that involve twisting and rotating the torso (like snow shoveling), and trauma such as falling on one’s buttock can result in piriformis syndrome. Up to 85 percent of our patients suffering from this condition can expect to see at least 70 percent improvement within weeks from treatments that emphasize chiropractic adjustments to the pelvis and lumber spine augmented by deep massage therapy, physical therapy, spinal rehabilitative exercises and stretching.  Deep heat and ultrasound are also beneficial to decrease muscle spasm. 

The American Medical Association has recently recommended Patients with back pain seek chiropractic care first because chiropractors are neuro-musculoskeletal experts and are well equipped to manage and prevent low-back pain. Research confirms that the services provided by chiropractic physicians are not only clinically effective but also cost-effective, so taking a more conservative approach at the onset of low back pain can also potentially save both patients and the health care system money down the line.

If the winter shoveling has caused you pain, follow the advice of these reputable medical communities, and schedule an appointment with us today. All new patients will receive, in exchange for a $25 donation to the Make A Wish Foundation of New Jersey, a consultation, orthopedic, neurological exam and X-rays (if necessary) with a subsequent visit to discuss their findings at no charge (a $420) value.

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