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Work of Millington Artist Sam Bleecker Featured at Compton Gallery in Boonton Through September


August 15, 2014 at 4:19 PM

MILLINGTON, NJ - Artist Sam Bleecker of Millington finds inspiration for his creations in all sorts of places -- from mathematical formulas and the woven patterns of intersecting lines found in nature to, most recently, the properties of flowing water. 

Bleecker told TAPinto.net that his newest collection of paintings, “The River Series,” stems from “rippling streams, the eddy currents, the mixture of order and chaos, and the sinuous curves of overlapping waves.” 

He strives to isolate and highlight particular features of the water by using a variety of materials, including fabric, paint, and shredded paper, which adds depth to the pieces. 

Through the end of September, seven paintings from the River series (each an 8-inch by 4-foot panel) are displayed at the Compton Gallery in Boonton. “I have only just begun to explore my art in relation to rivers, rivulets, and babbling brooks,” Bleecker explains. 

The artist is currently working on a three-piece series employing fabrics that help convey the water’s ever-shifting beauty.  “Since I can’t capture but a single moment with one piece,” Bleecker says, “I engage three pieces, each expressing the profile of water at a different instant.”

To learn more about local artist Sam Bleecker visit his website at sambleecker.wordpress.com

For more information about Bleecker's exhibition at the Compton Gallery visit http://www.comptongallery.com/sam_bleecker_river_series.html