FAIR HILL, Md. — 'I'd really like to own a steeplechase horse. But, where do I go to buy one? Where will I keep it? Who will train it?'

It's OK, Potential Owner. The National Steeplechase Association has created a new section on its web site to get the help you'll need to get into the jump racing sport.

The NSA's home page has a new heading entitled “Trainers.”

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Each voluntary listing allows licensed NSA trainers to list — in their own words — their professional philosophy, personal background and accomplishments and contact information.

The concept of the listings came from the NSA's Promotion and Growth Committee and its chairman, Dr. Al Griffin.

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“The NSA is committed to bringing new owners into our sport,” Dr. Griffin said.” As part of that commitment, we want to facilitate our trainers' efforts to gain new clients. After consulting our constituent trainers, we determined the best way to further that goal was to allow horseman and horsewomen to tell their stories on the nationalsteeplechase.com website,” Dr. Griffin said.

Don Clippinger, the NSA's communications director, developed the structure of the listings and is implementing them on the website under Dr. Griffin's direction.

The trainer listing concept is an outgrowth of The Jockey Club's OwnerView that seeks to attract new owners for Thoroughbred racing. OwnerView provides a link to the NSA's web page and its Trainers category.

NSA trainers' listings will be added to the website as they complete their profiles and submit them for posting through Clippinger.

See www.nationalsteeplechase.com/so-you-want-to-go-jump-racing/ for more information.

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