Recently I announced my candidacy as a write-in for the Borough Council of New Providence.  My purpose in running is, in part, to generate interest and discuss issues which need to be acted upon.  Having unopposed candidates for the two seats on the Council guaranteed that would not happen. Now there is a choice.   Here are the issues I plan to address:

Reform the entire public communication system

It is the leadership of our town’s government who are responsible to ensure that the citizens are well informed of past and upcoming actions and issues.  That is not happening in New Providence.  Today, September 28th, the latest minutes of a Borough Council meeting available on the website are from May 26, 2020.  The last Board of Health meeting minutes posted are from March of 2019.  These are just two examples.  There are many more. THIS NEEDS TO CHANGE! 

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Push a Green Agenda

We need more than signs in town that say: “Go Green.”  We need a plan.  The education and practices related to green initiatives and programs are limitless.  We need to explore and implement programs now, such as zero waste education, electric vehicle fleet and charging stations, assist businesses with implementation of bag and polystyrene bans and more.  

Stop Outside Influence on Our Government

Last year the majority of the funding for both Republican and Democratic Council campaigns came from outside New Providence.  County party leaders have too much influence over local politics.  We need leaders who will reject this outside influence.  

Advisory Committee Reform

At this time there is a wonderful group of volunteers who serve on the Diversity and Sustainability Committees.  These people and their enthusiasm for their chosen committees should be used to expand the research and knowledge base of the Council.  The committees should produce recommendations and reports in their focus areas on a regular basis.  

Let’s start talking about these reforms and others to make New Providence even better.

I have many more issues and ideas which should be addressed.  They are located on my Facebook site:  Truth Matters New Providence.  You may also find a section related to the campaign on

Write-in you “Personal Choice” on your mail-in ballot.  Allen Swanson