On Super Bowl Sunday I was up early, getting ready for the big game. First, I made sure that I had a hearty breakfast. Next, I did my morning exercises, and finally, I got dressed. I made sure that every plan was in place for success. And then I left … for Target.

Designer Jason Wu was launching his limited-edition collection on Sunday February 5, and in a sense this was my own private Super Bowl. Mine and every other crazy fashionista! For those of you who may not know him, Jason Wu is a relatively new designer who has been gaining popularity since his first full collection debuted in 2006. He is known for his elegant style and for pairing clean lines with feminine details. His designs are inspired by both Western and Eastern cultures, and that gives his clothing its unique look. For his Target collection he said that he was inspired by French new wave cinema and the 1960’s vibe. Since this was the second time I would be experiencing a designer launch at Target (my first was September 13th’s Missoni madness), I knew where the pitfalls were and I was ready. Or so I thought. This time I arrived early. Last time I arrived after 9:30, and since the store opens at 8:00, by the time I walked in much had already been picked over and taken. I would not make that mistake again. This time I knew exactly where to find the collection. Last time I wasted valuable time looking for it throughout the store.

Sadly, everything I did to prepare was in vain. When Target said limited edition, they really meant it. By the time I walked through the doors at 8:40, many of the clothing pieces were gone, and the accessories were completely sold out. I was hoping to see some of Jason Wu’s stylish handbags. A bit dazed and confused, I selected a few soft and sleek silk-like tees and a charming blue trench coat with floral detail. I paid and left the store with high hopes. When I returned home I researched what was available for purchase on-line. It was then that I discovered that the few on-line items sold out almost immediately, and most of the in-store items were not available on-line. What did this mean specifically? If you didn’t find it in the store the first go round, you were out of luck. It was gone. Gone and gone. 

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While home I tried on both tees; loved one and did not love the other. When I tried on the trench coat I could see that it was almost right but a little too big. And I realized something else. I am not really a trench coat girl. I never have been. But I got caught up in the moment. Since I didn’t want to hang on to clothing that wasn’t right for me, I drove to Target a few hours later and returned one of the tees as well as the trench coat. 

In the end I was reminded of two important fashion lessons. First, it is not worth it unless it fits you perfectly and you absolutely love it – no matter what the cost. Second, I do not enjoy this kind of shopping. Sure, there is a rush. But it is also stressful. Often you end up buying something you almost like simply because it is there. And I think it brings out the worst in my fellow shoppers. A kind of hoarding accompanies this ‘catch-as-catch-can’ shopping spree; people holding on to their own items with a vengeance, people checking to see if you will hang on to yours, some to the point of following you around the store, and people waiting outside the dressing rooms in hopes of picking up your rejects. I think this will be the last time for me.

My Super Bowl game? It was a bit of an upset. On the bright side, I am the owner of a beautiful Jason Wu gray tee with lace print detail. I know I will wear it often and I am happy to add it to my Missoni collector’s items. And there is still the football to look forward to. You know, that other Super Bowl.


Melissa Kaplan Guarino delights in sharing her love of fashion with you.  Fashion questions?  Feel free to write to Melissa at MelroseStyle@hotmail.com.