NEWTON, NJ — The proverbial phrase “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade” is one that Grace Zayac took to heart in her hometown of Newton.

Six year old Zayac, lives with her mom, MaryBeth and their dog Stella. She decided that she wanted to raise money for the St. Joseph’s Food Pantry by selling lemonade. Zayak had perfect lemonade weather for her efforts; hot and humid.

“She liked the idea of a lemonade stand because she had seen it before and it looked fun,” her mom said.

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Zayac, a parishioner at St. Joseph’s church, said she wanted to raise money for the food pantry, “because I want to help people have enough food, so they aren’t hungry.”

Their house, located on the corner of a main road in the town, made it very accessible for the many residents that walk around town to stop by, donate and have a cup of lemonade.

According to MaryBeth, employees of Thorlabs stopped by, the Mitchell Agency sent some representatives down to the stand to donate and several Newton Police Officers bought a cup during their shift.

The lemonade stand closed up on August 15. Zayac has raised a total of $331.70, that will be donated to the St. Joseph’s Food Pantry.