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Letters to the Editor

Where Were Our Elected Leaders?

April 26, 2015

A forum convened by Summit’s Junior League and The Connection heard a fascinating report today about the state of our city. The research findings, collected and analyzed by the United Way, fo...

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Point View WealthPoints

Beware the Equity Indexed Annuity

A financial product that allows you to participate in the stock market’s upside, promises you won’t lose money, and gives you income for life—it sounds too good to be true.  ...

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The Edge

The Changing Nature of Value

What we value and what the external marketplace values is stuck in a collateral gap.  The 80's were all about "shareholder value"; the 90's were about "custome...

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The Academic Coach

Strong Finish

All long distance runners know that a marathon doesn’t really start until the 20 mile mark. That’s the point at which the race gets really tough and many competitors “hit a wal...

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Dad in the Box

A Driver Moment

Greetings from the car of the future! First the good news:  We no longer have to drive!  The cars drive themselves! And now the bad news:  We still have to sit in them if we wa...

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