Leanna Rose Photography


All props included and a huge client closet!

"See through a different lens!"

"The love of Photography started when I was young, probably like 10 years old," she told us. "I would buy a new camera every year with the money I had saved from my birthday and Christmas. As I got older and had children, cameras got pushed to the back burner because of the expense."

One year, Sabrina's husband surprised her with a “big girl” camera, as she called it. 

"I opened it in excitement and then quickly learned I had no idea what I was doing, but was so overwhelmed by all the buttons that I put it back in the box and didn’t touch it for over a year." Sabrina joked, "One day, in a random store, I found a book called 'Canon for Dummies' and I thought to myself, I have a canon, I’m a dummy. So, I bought the book, read it, took notes, and taught myself how to be a photographer! It’s been non-stop learning and improving since then!"

Sabrina owns Leanna Rose Photography and her favorite part of being a photographer is watching families grow. She didn't think that would be her favorite part when she started and instead thought it would just be a fun hobby.

Sabrina exclaimed, "I’m honored now to be chosen to document such important milestones in families lives. I get to know when people are expecting babies before everyone else, when babies are born before others and even proposals! I get to watch a family go from maternity sessions, to newborns, to first birthdays and then back again to maternity with a repeat cycle."

For the future, Thomas would like to continue to grow her businesses while always staying true to her clients.

"I love the hometown feel. I would never want to be one of the big box stores. I love knowing every client and what makes their little ones happy and even what kind of candles they want to make. I truly just love my clients and wouldn’t be where I am without them," she stated. 

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