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Posted November 26, 2012 By Working with Business Leaders to Build Thriving Businesses


Compass Rose Consulting specializes in working with business leaders and their teams and with small businesses. President and Founder of Compass Rose Consulting, LLC, Donna Price, M.S., M.S. is a personal and business coach working with many small businesses each year to improve the results that they achieve. Compass Rose Consulting, LLC has just celebrated 4 years in business.  Donna has 18+ years of management and executive leadership experience, has a unique background of adventure based facilitation and leadership development training.


Our recent customers include business owners and leaders from various locations around the tri-state area.

Why We Will Succeed:

With Compass Rose Consulting, LLC, you will:

     Innovate, inspire and motivate business you to improve their businesses.

     Move your company in the direction you want.

      Create powerful strategic plans, build effective and high performing teams and create a work place culture that is healthy. 

      Learn to follow strategic planning, business development, marketing strategies and operational effectiveness to create more revenue and success for your business.

Reasons to Choose Compass Rose Consulting:

Participants not only produce transformational shift in their business thinking and real performance results; but they also create great businesses for themselves and their employees.  Donna is instrumental in helping business owners get out of their own way, create powerful strategies and implement their accelerated success. As a Best Year Yet™ Partner, Compass Rose Consulting provides a simple and highly effective strategic planning solution for individuals, small businesses and teams.  It is also effective as a performance improvement appraisal tool.

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