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Diversity in New Providence

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Posted March 27, 2014 By Sunil Abrol

Welcome to the Diversity in New Providence page!

We are a highly diversified group of New Providence residents who are passionate about:

 · Sharing our rich backgrounds with our community
 · Seeking to be a positive influence in our community
 · Seeking to be a resource for diversity needs within our community.

We passionately feel that by promoting diversity, we enhance the quality of life of all citizens in our town, by respecting one we respect all, by being prejudice free towards one we hope to be free of prejudice towards all. We hope that all the people of the world will gradually come to see that We are One! (One Human Race, One People, One Planet).

All are welcome to join us to listen and /or express  ideas on the third Wednesday of every month at 7:30 PM in the 3rd Floor Council Conference Room, Municipal Center,  360 Elkwood Ave., New Providence. Our meetings usually last for about an hour and a half.

Can't make our meetings, then follow us online. We encourage anyone and everyone interested in celebrating the unification of diversity and strengthening of community community to Like us on Facebook and to sign up for our monthly newsletter

Latest News & Upcoming Events

We just concluded our 3rd Annual Diversity Dinner,  held on Saturday March 22nd.  Approximately one hundred-fifty adults, including many senior citizens, and children joined us to celebrate diversity in New Providence. We truly appreciate the support from all, including a big thanks to all the artists, performers, & helpers. For more coverage on this event, visit on on Facebook.


  • Women's History Month Discussion (March 30th 4:00 P.M. at Starbucks
  • NP tentative) 
  • Nine Days in Israel, a pilgrim's journey (April 26th 3:00 P.M. NP Library tentative) 
  • Cinco De Mayo (May 5th)
  • Children's Festival (June 21st)
  • Summer Picnic at Oakwood Park (TBD)
  • National Hispanic Heritage Month (November)


  • MLK Day (Jan. 19th)
  • Black History Month (Feb.)

In Her Own Words: A Visitor's Perspective of Our Diversity Efforts as a Means of Building Community

Sometimes, we are so busy focusing on the details that it can be difficult to step back and clearly explain what we are about.

However, someone from the outside can give us a broader viewpoint. I invited a few friends from my faith, who live in New York City, to the Diversity Dinner recently, and two of them came: Daniel Hamidi-Coleman & Martha Martinez. Being New Yorkers, they came by public transportation, not realizing that it would take so long to get here, they had to leave early to catch their train to the city. So, I didn't have a chance to speak to them that evening.

However, I spoke with Martha on Sunday to get her thoughts. The next day, she sent a beautiful response which I want to share with you as it so aptly puts into words the things we at the DC are trying to implement. If you like it please let us know, and join with us in the process of building community understanding. 

~ Sunil Abrol, Chairman of Diversity Committee of New Providence.


email dated 03/24/2014 

Dearest Sunil and DC Friends,

Process of community building is a dynamic and complex one
I was reflecting on the Diversity event and what about it makes it an actual success.  The process of community building is a dynamic and complex one in which all sorts of efforts, that are done in the spirit of service and joy, count.

Created a joyful and spirited environment
What was so clear about the event was that it effectively created a joyful and spirited environment where many individuals and families from a community came together to share in many things, joy, food, hospitality, music and art.  I saw families feel a sense of loving pride when their son or daughter shared their talent or story to those present. The event was a space for everyone, young and old. It brought out a generous spirit in everyone.

Communities thirst for times when they can come together
Communities thirst for times when members can come together and just celebrate joyfully and generously.  It contributes to a larger process of community development.  In every culture or tradition, Faith or religious community there are these moments - these events where members of that community come together in a celebratory spirit and are invigorated and uplifted.  We have these events as Baha'is as well - from Holy Days to gatherings for reflection gatherings. These events recharge the soul of the community it allows for its members
to take a step back and appreciate the beauty of each individual's talent, history, cultural tradition and religious beliefs and life experiences.

Having deep and meaningful conversations
These events combined with the daily activity of having deep and meaningful conversations with others, holding children's classes,  junior youth groups, devotional gatherings all contribute towards the same end - working together to advance society, to bring about the unity of mankind.

The task of advancing society takes so much time...
The task of advancing society takes so much time, care, wisdom, loving patience and understanding with each other and the process. It takes a calm determination.  To work along side friends from different cultural or religious traditions helps us to move beyond dichotomous understanding of a "Our way", "Christian way", "Baha'i way"  or "secular way" of doing things.  When we do anything with the spirit of service, joy, love and generosity we are in line with the spirit of the Revelation of God.  We are learning to recreate a human culture open to all, but we can only do this when we open ourselves up to working along side others who's views are different from our own.

It brought families, cultures together in the spirit of generosity
This event was wonderful - and like many of us have said, we see how it brought families together, cultures together in the spirit of generosity and joy.  "Joy gives us wings!" It helps us find our sphere of usefulness in this world.  What a great way to generate that joy in New Providence.

Now it is for you to continue to nurture that joy
Now it is for you to continue to nurture that joy and generate more of it with your on going work. Well done friends!

-Martha Adriana-Martinez


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