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Posted April 30, 2014 By Joseph Falbo

Falbo Wealth Management specializes in personalized retirement and pre-retirement planning for people over 50.  At Falbo Wealth Management, we understand that retirement is not one long life phase.  It is a period of 30+ years marked by changes in health, financial needs, preferred leisure activities, living accommodations, volunteer activities and employment.

We work with each client to help them develop a customized retirement plan based on their needs, family situation, lifestyle and goals. That plan is kept relevant by meeting regularly to review the plan and make adjustments as they move through the various phases of retirement.

As your partner and coach in pre and post retirement, Falbo Wealth Management

hosts events to keep clients abreast of changes in Medicare, IRAs, Social Security and the many types of investments options typical for a retiree to consider.

These workshops are conducted by specialists in their respective fields and cover both financial and lifestyle issues to put you on a path to a happy, healthy and rewarding retirement.  We believe being well-informed helps our clients make the best retirement decisions.

The seminars are “invitation-only” so if you would like to attend, contact us and we’ll send you an invitation.  We also offer an educational newsletter to anyone who signs up at