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Montessori Kids Universe South Brunswick

7329886200 | 2525 Route 130 | CRANBURY, NJ 08512 |

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Montessori Kids Universe is proud to announce the opening their newest school in South Brunswick at 2525 Route 130 South. Montessori Kids Universe is the leader in early childhood Montessori Education in the U.S. Their newest school in South Brunswick will offer premium Montessori education for children ages 6 weeks through 6 year. 

Montessori Kids Universe is an authentic Montessori school featuring Reggio Emilia inspired enrichment programs taught by Montessori certified and licensed teachers in a safe, welcoming and calm environment. The combination of Montessori and Reggio Emilia allows teachers to focus on the individual development of the whole child at each child's own pace and in true open partnership with parents including daily communications. 

Montessori education is a fluid method of education developed by Maria Montessori where highly trained and disciplined teachers use acute observation, gentle guidance and provocative questioning to create a warm and welcoming prepared environment and lessons tailored to the child's own developmental readiness and interests. Integrating Montessori with Reggio Emilia nurtures the child’s spirit, inspires their creativity and provides a comprehensive education.

Based on respecting the child and providing freedom with responsibility, teachers offer aesthetically appealing sensorial, practical life, didactic and self-correcting materials to foster the comprehension of singular abstract concepts and cultivate a life-long love of learning. 

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