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Since 2004, The Data Pros has been providing IT services to small and medium sized businesses who have a limited or non-existent team of IT support staff. We pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive range of services that allow you to consider us your one-stop shop for your technology needs.

Our team of experts aim to deliver the same level of reliability, scalability and complete technical support that larger enterprises enjoy, but at an affordable and predictable monthly fee. You can kiss goodbye to surprise invoices and monthly expenditure that rises and falls without rhyme or reason - instead, you’ll get reliable systems and enhanced uptime. And more uptime means more productivity and increased profits.

Our leadership team brings years of business and technology experience to the table, with combined skills that mean we can help you become more efficient and productive than ever. The Data Pros keeps your best interests at the front of our mind, and we’re not satisfied unless you are.

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  1. Joseph Simuro
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