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Posted March 14, 2013 By Vita Organic Foods

Vita (pronounced Vee-tah) organic foods began as a practice dedicated to taking the holistic principles of Simple Clean Whole and applying it to how we eat and what we eat.

So we started with Chocolate. Raw, organic chocolate. Why? Because everyone loves chocolate. Keeping chocolate’s essential properties in, (candy = taking chocolate’s essential properties out) we kept our chocolate Simple Clean Whole. And, healthy.  Made with three core ingredients we could also promote three core values. And that would define us! And so Vita was born, and packaged and made with such extreme joy and intention, that it made its way into people’s lives and onto store shelves. Soy free, vegan, low fat, low glycemic, its exceptional flavor and taste was best expressed in five words; Chocolate for your whole life. 

We then expanded our three-core ingredients three-core values mission to performance bars. If sports are all about health and nutrition, then why not make a bar for people obsessed with health and nutrition. No chocolate, but inspired by native ingredients of Quinoa, Flax and Chia seeds we created our Warrior Bars. A 2012 ESPY favorite, the bars are filled with flavor and are a great source of natural carbs and protein.

With two successful and unique products for adults, there was a one very obvious place for us to go to: children. So we created Little Buddha bars. Simple Clean Whole these organic puffed rice and raw, organic chocolate bars are peanut free, allergen free and so good, we guarantee you eat more than one.

What began as chocolate for your whole life became a line of foods dedicated to your whole life. So we’re happy to announce that a family of Vita products including quinoa cereal, muffins, and bread, as well as line of Happy Hippy granola.  

Simple Clean Whole.
A way of life. A way of eating. A way of living.

We’re Jen and Adele.
And we started Vita. And we’re not done yet.
Happy healthy eating!



-Never, ever processed. That’s just chocolate blasphemy.

-Always handled with pastry chef care. Always happily made.

-Small batch not massive chocolate stream made.

-Three core ingredients. One natural principle.