LAS CRUCES, NM -- A graduate of Olean High School will play a key role in the Princeton Rocketry Club’s attempt to launch the first student-built rocket to outer space Memorial Day weekend.

Saad Mirza is project manager for the Princeton University club’s SpaceShot project team, which is in New Mexico this weekend for the launch. The team designed, built and tested a two-stage sounding rocket during the 2017-2018 academic year.

"I'm incredibly honored to have led this amazing team on our mission to space over the last year," Mirza said. "I couldn't have gotten here without the amazing support of Olean, both personal and educational. I'd also like to extend a thank you to SolEpoxy, Inc. and Cutco Corporation for generously donating to our project."

The rocket is expected to reach an altitude of over 100 km (328,000 feet, 62 miles), surpassing the Karman Line, which defines outer space. The launch will be live-streamed at Spaceport America's Facebook page, at on Sunday or Monday morning.