Like you, the Column B Democrats are excited for our Community Center to open.  With opportunities for all generations and fun for the whole family, it will be a friendly place of gathering for everyone in Piscataway.

Our Community Center very much represents our Township: all groups of all backgrounds enjoying each other as neighbors and friends.  Crucial to its success, like the Township as a whole, is building and running it responsibly and keeping it affordable.

Born and raised in a large family in Piscataway, I knew I was lucky to live in this Township.  As your mayor and with the Column B Democrats, we want families to have even more opportunities than I did.  We need jobs that can better withstand a recession, clean parks with new playgrounds, and most of all, maintaining the spirit of Piscataway as a community where everyone from all walks of life is respected and valued.

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Residents also deserve a Town Hall with its finances in good order.  The Column B Democrats are proud to have delivered a $32 million Community Center that was built with no residents’ tax monies but funded by the new corporate income generated from new businesses we encouraged to move into Piscataway.

Our bond rating is at the very high “AA+ stable ” and our municipal tax rate has now been kept 12.8 percent lower three years in a row.  For all of these reasons, since I have been mayor, Money Magazine named our Township on its Top 100 Best Places to Live list four times, most recently in 2019.

Moving forward, we need to support all of the Column B Democrats as we challenge the calamity of the Trump administration.   Whether it is visiting one of the many places of worship in our Township, testifying before Congress or speaking out in the media, I am proud to advocate for protecting civil rights, making our environment greener, and having Piscataway as well as all of New Jersey get its fair share of funding.

The Column B slate from top to bottom is energized by the voices of all communities and neighborhoods in a desire to change our country for the better.  We will work tirelessly over the next four years to put everyone’s words into action and keep Piscataway as a shining example to the rest of the country of how a proud, diverse Township may thrive.