For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Nancy Sheridan, candidate for First Ward Council. I live down the road on 26 Sandalwood Drive and I want to be your neighbor in Town Hall.

I decided to run because I want to see our town government respond to your needs. After 15 years of the same representation, it’s time to get a fresh set of eyes and new perspective on council.

My involvement in local government is not new. Soon after moving to Clark 30 years ago, I helped lead the fight against a co-generation facility on the former Gypsum site – present-day Clark Commons. This soon led to my appointment on the Clark Environmental Commission. With a dedicated group of neighbors, I also helped to plan and fund the playground at Clark’s Municipal Building, which hundreds of Clark’s children have enjoyed. Over the years, I have been involved with Clark travel basketball, soccer and Clark Little League.

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In recent years, I’ve heard from many you – my neighbors – on how overdevelopment and congestion have
been affecting the quality of life in Clark. That’s why I joined with the Clark Neighbors Group to try to fend off this overdevelopment. Many in our community living near Oak Ridge Park have faced significant flooding issues, and will need a strong advocate for them as planned development in the park threatens to worsen the flooding threat. I will be that voice for you on the Clark Council.

Time and time again, we were assured that the construction of the Clark Commons and new condos on Lake Avenue would help ease our tax burden and this has not happened. As a result of our increasing taxes – along with our separate sewerage and garbage fees – many of our neighbors have been choosing to sell their homes and move out of Clark. I know that we can do better.

Residents of our Ward need a vocal advocate for their interests, and you should know I am not afraid to speak my mind, and I will stay with an issue until it is resolved. With your support, I would be honored to bring a new voice to the Council for you – my neighbors.