My name is Andrew Bauer and I am running for a seat on the Westfield Board of Education. With only a few days left before the election, I wanted to take the opportunity to reiterate my qualifications for the role, my motivation for running and my commitment to the community.

My Qualifications
First, as a parent with kids attending Tamaques Elementary, Edison Intermediate and Westfield High School, I am experiencing the same concerns and challenges as parents throughout our community. I will consider each issue through the eyes of both an engaged policymaker and a caring parent. Second, I am a former certified accountant with 10 years experience as an auditor and investment banker. I am well qualified to be an active contributor to the planning and budgeting process, as well as a careful steward with your tax dollars. Third, I have spent the last seven years as the CEO of a software company that has worked with thousands of schools across the country. I have a deep appreciation for the role of technology in schools and how districts have been successful. Lastly, I have been a regular attendee of Board meetings over the past two years and have spoken to over a dozen current and former Board of Education members (In Westfield and across other districts) to prepare myself for the role.

My Motivation
A couple of years ago I began attending Board of Education meetings to gain first hand knowledge of how the district was managing an ever-changing world. Over time, I listened and asked questions. I read each agenda item. I watched recordings of meetings I could not attend. I observed the diligence necessary to be an effective Board member. I also found myself inspired to find a way to participate. But my ultimate decision to run for a seat on the Board is not because I have some specific expertise, nor because I am advocating for one particular change. I am running because I care deeply about our public schools and I believe my experiences have prepared me to be a thoughtful and productive contributor.

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My Commitment
If voted on the Board, I promise to advocate for 1) more frequent and diverse communications between the Administration/Board and the community, 2) more focus and resources directed toward the safety and well-being of our students 3) more effort and energy directed toward learning best practices and innovation from other districts in NJ and 4) a continued focus on prudent stewardship of the district’s financial resources. But, most importantly, I promise to listen carefully to your input and to always be a direct and honest communicator.  I will work hard for you, and our students, to make our great schools even better.  

For more information on my campaign, please visit  Thank you for your consideration on November 5th.