Speaking at the annual picnic for the Madison Republican Committee, the team of Catalanello, Rowe and Dailey pointed to past involvement and shared their future vision for youth sports in Madison. Catalanello and Rowe were instrumental in making the turf-field project at the Madison Recreation Complex (MRC) a reality. Pat Rowe served on the Board of Education and helped to secure its participation in the project, in which the Board of Education committed and paid $1 million, or one-third, of the field project.

While a councilman, Catalanello voted in favor of the turf-field project. He was also actively involved in the private fundraising that helped to finance the project. Dailey and Catalanello have further helped by contributing to the user fees that enable more parents to have their children participate in youth sports.

“People running for office love to talk about how much they support youth sports, especially around elections, but a closer examination of who actually followed through on promises and delivered critical infrastructure will prove to residents who they can trust," the Republican candidates assert. To that end, here is their plan for the next three years:

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  • We support the building of a new multisport turf field to be located near the current MRC. We will ask the BoE for a partnership, where it leases the Borough adequate space for 99 years. No further financial participation with be requested from the BoE on the project.
  • We have received the promise of financial support from the Madison Athletic Foundation for the construction of a playground at the current MRC field site. We will again work with this group of volunteers in a public/private partnership for the benefit of Madison.
  • We will seek out other partners in Madison, such as the YMCA, in an effort to improve our indoor youth-athletic facilities.

We will initiate a study into the feasibility of constructing a revenue-generating ice rink.

The candidates emphasized that "the real value of something, a campaign promise for example, can be judged only from practical experience and/or results and not from appearance or theory.  When it comes to youth sports in Madison, the team of Catalanello, Rowe and Dailey have not only the experience but have also delivered results."

“We are the clear choice,” said the team, “for championing the cause of youth sports.”