Re-Elect Chris Carey to the Randolph Township Council

Chris Carey’s Commitment to Community – The Backstory

I am a long-time community volunteer who began my volunteer service in Randolph shortly after moving here in 1992.  I have always considered community involvement and volunteer work to be a responsibility that everyone shares.  I welcome the opportunity to serve my community and hopefully help others along the way.

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These feelings go back to when I was very young.  When I was 11, my father passed away unexpectedly and my mother became a 38-year-old single mother with 5 children under the age of 13.  As you can imagine, she faced many significant challenges.  My family had to move into public housing and began receiving public assistance.  As my siblings and I grew up, we received support from many kind people:  friends, teachers, clergy, neighbors and even complete strangers. 

My mother couldn’t afford a lot for my siblings and me.  One place we could always count on was the local library as a place to go and, believe me, I would spend hours there.  I borrowed and read countless books from that library.  I was also a member of a local Girl Scout Troop which helped me set goals and work to achieve them.  My church and school provided me with other types of support and a lot of encouragement to succeed.  When I finished high school, I was able to attend college only because my tuition was paid 100% with scholarships and through financial aid.          

So as an adult, I feel a duty to give back to my community and to help others.  When I first moved to Randolph, I volunteered to serve on the Library Board of Trustees.  When my children started school, I volunteered in their schools and became President of the Center Grove PTA and then the President of the Randolph PTA Council.  I became a Girl Scout troop leader.  I volunteered to teach religious education for elementary, middle school and high school students at Resurrection Parish in Randolph and at St. Therese Parish in Succasunna.  I volunteered at Jersey Battered Women’s Services on the hotline and served as President of their Friends group.  These were things I could do to help others, directly and indirectly.

Eventually, I am proud to say, I was elected to the Randolph Board of Education and the Randolph Township Council.  Those positions gave me even more opportunity to help my community. 

I ask for your vote to re-elect me to the Randolph Township Council where I will continue to serve our community and work hard to make Randolph an even better place to live.