Since moving to Verona nine years ago, I have demonstrated a commitment to Verona through my work in the community.  I directly raised $100,000 for Verona organizations.  I was the President of both the Friends of the Verona Public Library and the Junior Woman’s Club of Verona.  While leading both organizations at the same time, I advocated successfully for the Library’s renovation, and I started Verona Fights Hunger Week, a coordinated town-wide food drive that has collected over 7,000 bags of food over five years.

Prior to my work in the community, I worked for 13 years for large corporations, including Pfizer and Aetna, in the field of employee benefits and health insurance cost management strategy.  I have an MBA from NYU and my undergraduate degree is from the University of Pennsylvania. 

Most importantly, I am the mother of two boys and I have been married to my husband Jess for 19 years.

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Verona residents have a great opportunity with this election to add some new voices to council.  I believe in transparent and open communications.  Our local government needs to evolve to using more pro-active communication methods to keep residents informed on the big issues that are going on around town, like housing development. 

Secondly, we desperately need to elevate the strategic analysis happening at the township level, to prevent missteps such as the lack of affordable housing in the Annin development from ever happening in the future.  This is where I will add tremendous value – strategic analysis and planning has been embedded in my approach to all of my work in this community and in my paid professional career.

Finally, we need representation on council for individuals that know the community and are open to interacting with residents.  I have shown, through this process of running for office, how I will be as a leader.  I have knocked on over 800 doors in this community and had hundreds of conversations with residents.  I believe that speaking with residents and hearing directly from them is essential to service on this town council. 

Residents in this community want to give feedback to this local government and want to be informed.  They deserve elected leadership that will do just that.  I hope that you consider voting for me, Christine McGrath, line 5, on May 14th.  For more information, go to