Election day is Tuesday November 5th. I am running as an incumbent. I have always put the children of Fair Lawn first and foremost in every decision I have made since getting elected. Oh, some decisions have been hard, and not of popular opinion, yet I have made the hard decisions as I was elected to do. Most of you know how much this district has meant to me over the years. Fair Lawn is truly such a caring community that rallies around each other when the chips are down, and continues to rally even when life is good. When my son, Joseph Yuskaitis, Jr. had his motorcycle accident four years ago, this community and school district rallied around him. I will be forever grateful for that. When I found out he was being deployed, this district and community rallied around me, praying for his safety and safe return home. When he was promoted to Captain this past Monday, this community, school district and 7 of my fellow board members congratulated him and myself and are praying for his safe return soon. This is why I love what I do and why I continue to grow and learn all I can to become a better board member so I can continue to serve the children of this district. I humbly ask for your vote on November 5th. I am #7 on the ballot at the bottom right. I also ask you to consider my colleagues #8 Michael Rosenberg and #9 Mary Wallace as well. We will do more for ALL CHILDREN. Thank you for your continued support and for always making me a better person.