Hello Piscataway! I am Kamuela “Nikki” Tillman, a long-time Township resident, and a self-described “transplant from the East Orange/Newark area.” A single mom, I have raised my three amazing children, Kiki, Kaa’lah and Kendall here in our wonderful community.  I am a Special Education English teacher in Union Township, and am excited to be running for Township Council with the Column A Democrats.

My involvement with grassroots policy and advocacy has empowered me to take back my voice in the democratic process and to encourage accountability and political transparency among elected officials.  Unfortunately, some of our elected officials have left many of us behind.  Donald Trump’s election and my feeling of being "sick and tired of being sick and tired" about the lack of regard for the voices and concerns of constituents, motivated me to take action and join with like-minded residents to become actively, passionately, and politically involved. I am running for office to bring the Democratic Party back to its roots and back to the voters in Piscataway. 

I was one of the plaintiffs in the Central Jersey Progressive Democrats’ 2019 ground-breaking lawsuit that ended gender ID and binary rules for County Committee people. I ran and won a County Committee seat, along with my neighbor, Staci Berger. Together, we made history as the first slate of women elected together to represent our neighborhood in the Democratic Party. 

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I have kept my promise to be in communication with our constituents, and have held “chat and chews” at the River Road Dunkin’ Donuts to hear from you: the voters and taxpayers and residents of our town.  We have heard so many ideas and suggestions for ways to improve our community and many concerns about how our local officials are not listening.

It is very disappointing that our many commissions and committees do not meet or engage with residents, and that our Council and Mayor are not interested in what their constituents have to say. Reviving these ways for our neighbors to get involved is a big part of our plan.  You can read our full platform for progress here.  You can always reach out to me, my email is kamuelatillman@gmail.com. 

As your Council representative, I will always here to hear you, and increase dialogue. When we know better, we can do better.  I hope you will vote for me for Council along with Ralph Johnson and Laura Leibowitz, and Bill Irwin for Mayor.  We are together in Column A on your ballot, and we are the Democrats on YOUR side!