Dear Residents of Montville Township,

We are running for Montville Township Committee and ask for your vote.  This statement is an introduction to us as candidates. 

Sarah Foye has been a Montville Township resident since 1998. She resides in Pine Brook with her husband and son (MTHS 2019). Sarah is a small business owner and works as an occupational therapist. She is an internationally-known advocate for patients and families with rare muscle and heart disease. Her resourcefulness, tenacity and leadership skills have resulted in project management successes on a national and global scale. She has a proven ability to tap into resources to solve problems.

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Emily Ryzuk lives in Montville with her husband (a Montville native) and two young children.  She majored in political science.  Emily has served on the town environmental commission where she helped to provide environmental oversight and recommendations on community projects, including the annual Arbor Day event. She is a licensed professional counselor who operates her own practice and keeps office hours in one of the family medical practices in town. Currently, she is providing support, comfort and mental health services to her clients during this time of stress.

Both Sarah and Emily will bring a strong work ethic, clear communication, a focus on the critical issues of environment, health and finance, as well as personal and professional expertise in working with individuals with diverse opinions and priorities.

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We intend to be fresh voices on our local committee and please ask for your vote.