Tired of power outages?  So are we.  

If elected, Sarah Foye + Emily Ryzuk will push for the following 4 initiatives to work for greater stability of our electric service.

  1. Installation of “TripSaver” smart reset devices.

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  2. Substations that are more resilient to extreme weather conditions (example here)

  3. Installation of smart utility poles

  4. Ongoing tree management program and resident tree reporting tool

Sadly, power outages are a way of life in Montville.  Outages disrupt daily routines, business operations, and remote working and learning.  Power outages can be a health threat as it relates to the operation of medical devices, proper refrigeration of food and medicine, and even trips and falls that can happen in the dark. It is also a safety hazard when homes are not properly illuminated, surveillance cameras can’t operate and traffic lights are out, making driving dangerous.  

JCP&L reports that 70% of power outages are due to forestry damage, so ongoing and well-planned tree trimming could be an effective management tool.  We also propose creating an online tool for residents to report trees that are clearly threatening power lines.  

The community is often at the mercy of the electric supply companies.  When elected, we will push Montville’s power suppliers to implement the 4 action items above. 

New voices. Fresh choices. Please vote for Foye + Ryzuk.

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