Brief Biography:

Deva and his wife Nita, and their three kids currently studying proudly in Franklin School District since Pre-K. Deva’s community involvement includes working with local faith groups in outreach and helping local food banks at a Church. Holding leadership positions in a couple of non-profit organizations helping the pursuit of equal treatment of underprivileged and orphans. Whole family, especially kids involved in various community outreach work locally, always looking for opportunities to make a difference and contribute back to the community. My wife Nita, worked in education space all her career, running a small business to help K-12 students and last 5 years as middle school teachers in various schools.

Professionally, Deva has over 25 years of experience in Information Technology, currently working as a Director of Application Development in the logistics industry. Deva has two bachelor’s degrees in Sciences and Law, a Master’s in Management, and a diploma in computer science. Worked in leading Test Preparation firm for more than 15 years developing advanced testing tools, college admissions guidance, and Supplemental Education for K-12 schools.

Key Objectives to pursue as a School Board member:

  • Parents to be equal decision-makers in school policy and overall standards implementation.
  • Prepare the school district to constantly learn and implement the best online learning tools to meet or exceed in-person learning experience given current pandemic needs.
  • Budget priorities should align with district goals to deliver measurable academic education to all.
  • Promote transparency, our community must be stakeholders and should be aware of all key changes.
  • Prepare Public School to compete with both private and charter schools by offering the best measurable goal-based academic experience, in addition to preparing the students to contribute positively to the community and country at large.
  • Implement behavioral incentive programs to promote the healthy pursuit of excellence across all grades both academically and in various extra-curricular programs.
  • Accountability across School Board, Teaching Staff and Administrative Staff to residents of the township.