"If you’re a one issue voter and tax rate is your issue, either a family or a business, if that’s the only basis upon which you’re going to make a decision, we’re probably not your state,” Murphy said at Rowan, according to KYW Newsradio.  

No statement we can come out with will truly be able to describe the stupidity of Phil Murphy and the way he and Trenton Democrats are governing our state. 

Gov. Murphy, people are struggling. They are struggling to keep their businesses open; struggling to retire in this state. Why? Because of the taxes you and the rest of the Trenton Democrats smother New Jerseyians with. Gov. Murphy you and the rest of Trenton Democrats are to blame for the mass exodus of our citizens, people of NJ please vote to bring common sense and a new voice to Trenton this November, because according to Gov. Murphy and Trenton Democrats, "if you don't like paying taxes get out of New Jersey."