ROSELAND, NJ – Roseland has always been a community where neighbors are friends, and we have never defined our friends by political party. But things have changed in the past few years. The discord grows with each election and as a result, the real issues facing Roseland – and there are many – are pushed to the side.

Divisive partisan politics has taken our town hostage. Our community is littered with lawn signs and negative flyers from professional politicians with no long-term ties to Roseland and far too much money to waste fighting for their personal agendas. It is time for residents to send a message that there is no place for this kind of politics in Roseland.

It is time for new leadership that is strong enough to stand apart from the two-party system and smart enough to join our Democrat and Republican forces together in the fight to take back our town.

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We offer you an Independent ticket on November 6th. We offer a chance for Roseland’s Democrat, Republican and Unaffiliated voters to stand together. We are the Independents for ONE Roseland. “Partners. Not Politics. For ONE Roseland.”

Today we officially announce our run for office – Laura Struss LaBianca for mayor, and Joe Shearn and Robyn Cassidy for borough council seats. We are a partnership of residents. We are not politicians. We’re longtime Roseland residents, with strong business backgrounds who have dedicated countless hours to our schools and community. We have a history, a future and a vested interest in Roseland. We are committed to the belief that Roseland can only move forward successfully if we join forces to restore the sense of community that made this town such a desirable place to live.

Our goals are simple for Roseland. We are not politicians. We are your partners. We will fight for the interest of Roseland residents, not for a political party or our own agenda. We will strive to rebuild a sense of community in Roseland, and we will put our residents first.

We believe the top issues facing Roseland include:

• Meeting the challenges of our affordable housing mandates.

• Dealing with the decline in commercial property values and rising property taxes.

• Managing upcoming commercial redevelopment projects.

• Dealing with an aging infrastructure and our traffic issues.

• Addressing rising rents.

We believe that as we face these challenges, Roseland has a great opportunity to harness our strengths, take control of the growth and make our town even stronger.

Our Goals Include

• Restore Roseland’s sense of community by engaging our residents, business partners, school, public safety departments and the faith-based community. We will develop a “Residential Skills Bank” to harness the talents of our residents, engaging them in the efforts to improve our community.

• Follow a “Business Process Improvement Approach” to enhance our existing administration. We will review Roseland’s major processes, targeting areas where improvements can be made.

• Eradicate the “conflicts of interest” issues our prior administration faced by establishing an ethics- oversight committee comprised of residents with expertise in this area. This will allow Roseland officials and employees to focus on critical issues rather than policing the actions of their peers.

• Follow the outgoing administration’s strategy on the affordable housing mandate by remaining proactive and seeking out new solutions that protect the interests of our residents.

• Seek out new revenue sources for our town that provide a solid alternative to raising property taxes to deal with the decline in our commercial real estate values. We will explore ideas such as the development of a revenue generating community center and the creation of a business improvement district to help grow the value of our commercial partners.

• Expand communication within Roseland by exploring what forms best serve each segment of our population (seniors, families, businesses and single households). We will increase communication between law enforcement and our residents with methods such as reverse 911 to keep our residents informed of issues that impact their neighborhoods.

On Tuesday, November 6, you have a new choice. You can support individuals chosen for you by the Political Party Lines, giving your vote to a personal agenda or county employee with little Roseland involvement prior to this election. Or you can select the Independents for ONE Roseland, a ticket of residents who are fed up with politics and want to get to work for Roseland. “Partners. Not Politics. One Roseland.”

Note: You do NOT need to change your political party to vote as an INDEPENDENT in the General Election on November 6th.


Laura Struss LaBianca – Mayoral Candidate

Born at ONE ROSELAND Avenue and raised in Roseland, Laura has been a part of our community for 43 years, raising her family here so her boys could experience the same sense of community she found lacking in larger towns. She and her husband Chris have two sons, Jack, 19, a sophomore at University of Miami, and Max, 14, currently an eighth-grader at West Essex Middle School. Laura has a B.S. in Business Administration concentrating in finance and an M.B.A. concentrating in finance and management. Laura has over 20 years of experience in the field of finance and accounting including financial analysis, financial reporting, statutory, tax and managerial accounting, as well as portfolio management. After a corporate career at Prudential in Newark, Laura created and managed an advisory consulting firm serving New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Although each project was unique, the emphasis was on business process improvement, with a focus on improving financial and accounting processes. Clients included GE Capital, Deutsche Bank, CIT Group and Prudential.

After having her second child, Laura dedicated the next decade to community service by volunteering at Lester C. Noecker Elementary School. Laura served as a chair or volunteer on nearly every fundraiser or committee offered at the school. Laura also served as president of the Roseland Home and School Association from 2009-2011 and helped raise more than $80,000 at two fundraisers alone. Laura was also instrumental in establishing several community-building programs and events for Noecker that continue today, such as the “Kindergarten Welcome Party” and “Family Bingo,” as well as recreating and returning “Family Fun Day” to the school.

Joe Shearn – Borough Council Candidate

Joe has lived in Roseland for 20 years. He is currently Vice President of Global Distribution & Logistics for Tiffany & Co., where he’s been employed for 23 years. In addition to overseeing Global Distribution and Logistics for Tiffany he is responsible for process improvement planning and manages hundreds of employees as well as managing a multi-million dollar budget. Joe is a graduate of Fairfield University, as well as Georgia Tech, where he earned his Executive Masters in International Logistics and Supply Chain Strategy.

Joe has been very active in the Roseland community during the past 20 years– as a volunteer coach, member of the Roseland library board (10 years) and past president of the Roseland Education Foundation, which raised thousands of dollars for Lester C. Noecker Elementary School. During this time Joe was instrumental in outfitting the school with over 33 computers, as well as smartboards and Ipads for the students. Joe and his wife Rory have enjoyed watching their three daughters grow up in Roseland. He wants to ensure current and future members of our community are afforded the same experience. Joe is ready for the challenge that lies ahead. The skills he’s acquired in business and life have prepared him to have a positive impact on the community.

Robyn Cassidy – Borough Council Candidate

Robyn Cassidy has lived in Roseland for 17 years and wants to help the town continue to be a place where she’s proud to raise her three children, Ryan, a sophomore at West Essex High School; Renee, a seventh grader at West Essex Middle School and Paige, a kindergartner at Lester C. Noecker Elementary School. She and her husband Brendan live off Passaic Avenue.

Robyn has an Associate’s Degree in Business Management and worked at SumTotal systems, Inc. a software company, for 19 years. Robyn worked in the field of information technology and was a Software Implementation Consultant. Since then, she has devoted her time to raising her family and helping her school, town and church. For the past five years, Robyn has served as an active volunteer for Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament and the Roseland Environmental Commission, serving on the committee that brought the farmer’s market to Roseland and working as a market manager for several summers. For the past decade and counting, she dedicates countless hours as a volunteer at Noecker school, helping with the Tricky Tray, plant sales, clothing drive, school play, class parent duties and kindergarten welcome committee. Robyn also works as an independent agent with Seacret Direct, a wellness company.

Please share with family, friends and neighbors to help us take back our community! For more information on our platform, visit our website at or email us:

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