Livingston is identified as one of the best communities in the nation, and is counted amongst the highest concentrations of top ranked public schools in New Jersey. In fact, we were recently rated #3 in the state, based on a rigorous statistical analysis and millions of student and parent reviews using U.S. Department of Education data*. 


What could elevate our already top-rated schools? 

Programs that push beyond academic excellence, that enable our children to overcome barriers (personal, social and educational), disarm bullies, and find middle ground with those who oppose them. These are skills that will help them navigate their way through the school years, and more importantly, through life. These skills are "superpowers" of Empathy, Resilience, and Confidence. 

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As a mother having raised 2 kids through the Livingston school system, I realized just how critical these superpowers were, and I see it now as a communications coach working with kids of all school ages, globally. My experience and perspective, both as a mom and coach, have lead me to develop programs that help our children master the skills that will help them not only cope with challenge and adversity, but also elevate them so that they can move forward successfully, and holistically. 

As an experienced communications coach working with children, I've seen firsthand how these skills benefit our children, helping them navigate through social situations from very early on in school, through college, and eventually the workplace. I've witnessed children who have been bullied, feel empowered to stand for themselves and curtail the abuse. I've helped children struggling with mental health issues find a way to progress. If we can help our kids identify what they're feeling, and give them the tools to think and act for success, we can help them become more secure and confident in their own ability to problem-solve and find peace and stability. And in our current “new normal” of online, in-person and hybrid classes, with limited in-person interaction, there's a dire need to learn these skills than ever before.

By empowering our kids with strong communication skills that embody Empathy, Resilience and Confidence, we can give them the power-- as children, teens, and young adults--to not just survive, but to thrive.