Having a genuine love and pulse of the community, a fresh perspective, and something to bring to the table, is so important when stepping up, seeking to represent our Borough. I love New Providence, especially our small hometown look and feel. I love the people and I love our community here. I chose New Providence as my home, as my home-base for my businesses, and for my commercial real estate. I am personally and professionally fully invested in our community and offer the people of New Providence my service, business acumen, IT expertise, and a fresh perspective to help keep our community affordable, run more efficiently, preserve our small hometown look and feel, and help improve our media and communications, while tackling the tough issues facing our community. It is important for elected officials to keep what works, while continually striving to improve, evolve, grow, and refresh. It is equally as important to do so with due diligence, and with inclusivity, especially of those most deeply impacted. As your councilman, I promise to always be open minded, inclusive, transparent, listen to all ideas, do my homework, and always work for the betterment of our community, representing you fully, selflessly, and to the very best of my ability in all that I say and in all that I do.

As a 25+ resident of New Providence, and local business owner of the EverTech Corporation and Properties Automated, LLC, both located at 180 South Street in New Providence, and as a New Providence commercial real estate owner, I have a unique perspective to offer our community. Also, as an IT professional with over 30 years in the industry, I offer a truly unique set of qualifications to serve on our New Providence Borough Council.

Here is my story and background:

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  • I am the founder of EverTech® Corporation (12/31/1985), a technology company that has evolved and re-invented itself many times with a unique characteristic of continuous operations and ownership over the last 33 years. From humble beginnings, EverTech was started in the basement of my parent’s home. Nine months later, I carefully chose 180 South Street in New Providence, and am still here as an active member of our New Providence community. EverTech has been the recipient of numerous industry awards and continues a proud history of “Innovative IT Solutions.” Today, EverTech has expertise in the IT of Today with: IT Security, Website Technology, Social Media, VoIP and other Cloud Platforms including Microsoft Office 365.
  • I originally purchased a single office condominium in 1986, at 180 South Street, New Providence. The location was chosen based on an excellent central location for travel and its many amenities creating an excellent workplace for staff.  As EverTech grew, so did its need for additional office space prompting the purchases of additional office condominiums, fortunately contiguous, and in the same building. These units were held by the second business that I own in New Providence called at the time, Automated Properties, Inc. In 2004, after completing the purchase of all eight office condominium units, a new entity, Properties Automated LLC was born as a fee simple ownership and replaced the condominium association. I am very proud of owning this property and being directly involved in its evolution.   
  • EverTech Corporation was a NJ State Contract vendor for 13 years. During this time, I was personally instrumental in the setup and deployment of a connected network for NJ Department of Human Services staff and facilities (the largest employer) at its peak we had 10,000 PC’s networked together.  In addition, the NJ State Contract allowed EverTech to actively participate as a preferred vendor in local government, county government, educational institutions from kindergarten through college and quasi government institutions.  I have extensive experience in contracting, coordinating and maintaining IT systems in all of these environments.
  • In 1998, as the president of EverTech, I was tasked with the challenge of coordinating the involvement of local schools, technology manufacturer’s and county government to develop a program to supply 25,000 computers to enhance the technology skills of students. The TECH 2000 Computer Program was a great success for the public and private schools in Camden County, NJ.  This program was the first of its kind receiving national press. I was awarded a Proclamation from the Camden County Chosen Freeholders for my services to the community and its enhancement to the education of students.
  • Upon moving to Heritage Village here in New Providence, I was approached to help with the Heritage Village Condominium Association at 1776 Springfield Avenue, became a Board Member after one year of residency, and then was elected the Association’s President 2 years later where I currently still serve in this capacity today. 
  • I am the past President of the New Providence Lions Club. I joined as a member in 2012 and was immediately asked to help revamp many aspects of the club’s technology and then it’s operations including many of the digital/print media collateral. In my capacity as President, fundraising increased, and giving increased by 80% in two years. I initiated a process creating a better organizational structure for the club. Those efforts continue today, and I am still very much involved. I was appointed as Lion’s Club District Zone Chairperson to assist nine local communities and their respective Clubs. I believe giving back is so important and what I am all about.
  • I have been asked and have volunteered for many New Providence Borough Committees and Community Organizations throughout the years including New Providence Republican Committee Elected Committee Member, Vice-Chair, and Executive Committee Member working closely with our Mayor and with our Union County GOP officials, managing technical administration, scheduling and planning, and establishing two separate call center operations at my facilities. I am also a member of the New Providence Economic Development Committee, New Providence Technology Committee, William Paca Club, and New Providence Business & Professional Association. I do my best to add value, work with everyone, and provide my expertise to get results. 


  • President, CEO & Founder | EverTech Corporation | From 12/31/1985  To Present
  • Managing Member | Properties Automated LLC | From 1/15/1990 To Present
  • President | Heritage Village Condominium Association | From 1/1/2008 To Present
  • Prior President & Current Member | New Providence Lions Club | From 4/1/12  To Present
  • Vice Chairman | New Providence Republican Committee | From 4/1/17 To Present
  • Lead Consultant to CEO | Proxima Corporation | San Diego, CA |6/1/1996- 8/1/1999


Bachelor of Arts in Economics | May 1982 | Cook College, Rutgers University

  • Major: Economics
  • Minor: Finance
  • Graduated as a George H. Cook Scholar, Dean List all 8 semesters attended

I am a fiscal conservative with a strong record of getting results in all aspects of my professional and community service. I am completely committed to doing all I can to protect hard earned taxpayer dollars, improve efficiency,  media/communications, and tackle the current issues facing our community with my sleeves rolled up. My door is always open to you. Please feel free to contact me any time. I would grately appreciate your input and your support for my candidacy for New Providence Borough Council. The Union County Republican Committee and the (official) New Providence Republican Committee have endorsed me and I will be running as their candidate choice on the Republican Line in the upcoming Republican Primary on June 4th. I am also honored to have the endorsement, support, and confidence of Mayor Al Morgan. It would be my greatest honor to have your support and confidence to represent you and our community as your Councilman. Please vote on Tuesday, June 4th in the New Providence Republican Primary.

For more information and to learn more about John Everitt for New Providence Borough Council, please contact John Everitt at (908) 930-9658 or via email at jeveritt@evertech.net.