Kent Davis and John Dawson feel that it is important for our local government to keep residents informed by updating them on the progress and initiatives the committee engages in.

Last year, Raritan Township responded to 594 Open Public Records Act (OPRA) requests, spent over 1,920 hours addressing them and $10,000 in litigation and settlement costs (through December 13, 2019). This year, the township already paid at least $17,000 to settle OPRA litigation.

The growing requests and increasing costs to manage information accessibility are signals that the township’s public relations need improvement. 

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Davis and Dawson propose Raritan Township take a more transparent posture that will prevent hundreds of OPRA requests each year by making disclosable information about the budget, planning, police and committee actions readily available on the township website.

John Dawson and Kent Davis are experienced project managers who recognize program challenges like the Township’s OPRA management, and have the organizational tools to remedy situations like this.