Stockton, NJ – Roger Forest Locandro has launched his 2019 campaign for New Jersey Assembly in Legislative District 16. Roger, a lifelong Hunterdon County resident, who grew up in Stockton, will be the only conservative voice at the State level for local Hunterdon County residents. He is a graduate of Rutgers University with a degree in Environmental and Business Economics, a member of the Hunterdon County Agricultural Development Board, and has been a volunteer fireman since he was 17 years old. The 24-year-old Locandro is out to recapture one of the 16th Assembly seats in the 2019 election from Democrat Leadership. However, first he has to make it through a contested primary. LD16 Hunterdon County has lacked their own representative in the Assembly since 2015. Locandro states, "I'm running for New Jersey Assembly because I refuse to give up on New Jersey.” This statement leads into his biggest target as a legislator, “The ever-increasing cost burdens on the residents of New Jersey,” which he believes is the genesis for New Jersey to be the number one state in outmigration, “We have to stop spending money we don’t have and demanding the residents of New Jersey to constantly pay more. I want to continue to live here however many cannot afford to do so.” Locandro restates, “We simply cannot sit by as career politicians make decisions without accepting responsibility for their creation of the issues. The failure to act by the legislature forced housing decisions back to the courts and now the municipalities are struggling to meet the infrastructure demands of high-density housing. These non-solutions are adding to the cost burdens of the people, the State needs to work towards real solutions to eliminate the State’s crushing debt.” New Jersey State Senator Tom Kean stated, “We must take action to steer our Country in a better direction. Today’s leaders need to protect tomorrow’s opportunities.” At 24, Locandro believes, “His generation needs to take a hand in that protection also.” Portions of Hunterdon County make up 43% of Legislative District 16. There are two seats in the Assembly for this district, one needs to be filled by a Conservative Hunterdon County resident. Without representation, Hunterdon County will continue to be passed over by the State in budget allocations, as made evident by the recent cuts in school funding, while increasing taxes. LD16 in Somerset County and South Brunswick have been affected also and will benefit in a conservative approach. Locandro is currently endorsed by Hunterdon County Sheriff, Fred Brown, and received the line nomination from the Hunterdon Country Regular Republican Organization. In Somerset he will be in the first position at the top of Column One for the Somerset County Regular Republican Party for the 16th District. Locandro REFUSES TO GIVE UP and PLEDGES HE WILL FIGHT FOR: • Economic and workforce development for people and businesses. • A more equitable tax structure. He will say, “NO to new taxes!” • An answer to end court-ordered high-density housing. • The principles of individualism and the rights of the people. • Reforming the State to be economically habitable for all generations of families. For more information got to @RFLNJ16 on Facebook