Re-Elect Chris Carey to Randolph Township Council

Focus on Local Elections

My name is Chris Carey, and I am running for re-election to the Randolph Township Council.  I have proudly served on the Council for the past 8 years, and I am currently serving as the Mayor of Randolph.

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As we all know, 2020 is a presidential election year and information about the presidential race dominates the news every day.  Unfortunately, there is often a lot of negativity and unpleasantness surrounding national politics which can sometimes trickle down and influence how voters look at other candidates and other races.  Many candidates on the ballot in November, like me, are running for local government positions.  And while national politics may affect all of us, ultimately local elections are about local issues.    

The Randolph Township Council works solely on behalf of Randolph residents.  The Council is responsible for adopting an annual budget that funds all operating costs and capital expenses for the Randolph Township municipal organization.  The Council has oversight for and sets policies related to all township services.  These include curbside collection of garbage, recyclables, branches and leaves; paving and plowing our streets; building and maintaining our beautiful parks and trails; providing outstanding recreation programs; keeping Randolph residents safe; providing state-of-the art equipment for our first responders; maintaining operations of the township’s sewer and water networks; administering township land use and zoning regulations; and enforcing health and construction codes.

These services are important to Randolph residents as they impact each of us every day.  Local services and quality of life are at the heart of local elections.  So, as you cast your vote for Randolph Township Council, I hope you won’t let the rancor and divisiveness of national politics distract you.  I hope you will focus on what’s best for Randolph and vote for the most-qualified candidates who will work for you in Randolph.  I have been part of the Randolph community for over 28 years — as a resident, as a volunteer, as an elected member of the Board of Education, as a member of the Town Council and as Mayor.  I have served on committees in Randolph, including the Parks Committee, Recreation Committee, Library Board of Trustees, Economic Development Committee and Planning Board.  I have volunteered in Randolph schools, as a Girl Scout Troop Leader, as a hotline worker for Jersey Battered Women’s Services and as a religious education teacher.  I have the experience and the commitment to best serve Randolph.

I ask for your support to re-elect me, Chris Carey, to the Randolph Township Council, so I can continue to serve our community and keep Randolph moving forward.