Old Bridge, NJ—Russ Cirincione, a New Deal Democrat, filed to run for Congress in New Jersey’s CD-6 (Middlesex and Monmouth). Cirincione is challenging 32-year incumbent Congressman Frank Pallone in the Democratic primary election on June 2, 2020.

Russ Cirincione is a 32-year-old father and government attorney. Russ said this about his campaign: “I’m running because we have just ten short years to solve the climate crisis, and my son’s future depends on it, as do the lives of all New Jerseyans. How can America be prepared for the future if we’re not cleaning up our world now and investing in green jobs and technology, today?”

Cirincione's campaign have interacted with thousands of voters since June 2019, and he says his district is ready for change: “My mission is to make politics work for all Americans. New Jerseyans deserve the best representation. If I’m elected, I'll work to fulfill the promise of FDR’s Economic Bill of Rights to guarantee all Americans with basic economic rights. I'll lead the fight for a Green New Deal, anti-corruption legislation, Medicare for All, free public college, cancelling student loan debt, and a living wage. As a dedicated public servant, I’ve drafted a law protecting housing rights for seniors and low-income people. I have the experience to get to work for the people on day one in Congress.”

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Cirincione argues we need bold policies to deal with the many problems our nation faces. The Green New Deal would guarantee hundreds of thousands of good New Jersey jobs and protect our homes from the climate crisis. Universal healthcare, achieved by expanding and improving Medicare, would guarantee health care to all as a right, save New Jerseyans about $3,000 a year on health insurance, and save state and county budgets billions of dollars. 

Notably, Cirincione is the only candidate with a plan to lower our high property taxes, an issue at the top of many New Jerseyans’ minds. The plan calls for the federal budget to fully fund our schools, and would cut bloated and wasteful military spending. Russ also supports ending the endless wars overseas.

Cirincione is committed to clean and fair elections, and will fight corruption. He's pledged to never take money from corporate PACs nor lobbyists. On this issue, Cirincione said, “New Jerseyans work hard. We deserve a government that works just as hard, for us. I will be your voice in Congress. If you elect me, you’ll be in control, not corporations, not the billionaires. I’ll demand the best for New Jersey. No excuses. No exceptions.”

Cirincione has also led on the policy front in the fight against COVID-19. He's proposed a “Pandemic Response Act," to require the federal government to directly manufacture facemasks and hazmat suits, and provide them at cost. “Frontline” workers like nurses, doctors, and essential employees would receive this equipment first, then the American public. His proposal would guarantee work to the hundreds of thousands of New Jerseyans who are now unemployed, and would pay to train people to fill job openings and pandemic response crews. It also includes a universal basic income, or “stay at home” pay and increasing unemployment benefits. Further, it would guarantee full health coverage to all Americans. 

Cirincione’s grassroots campaign has raised nearly $25,000 from donations averaging $26, and filed with more than double the petition signatures required to run.

Russell “Russ” Cirincione will appear on the Democratic Primary Ballot on Tuesday, June 2nd, 2020. If you’d like to learn more, please go to www.RussForUs2020.com