I have been a Piscataway homeowner since 1994 and I have been honored to serve on our School Board for the last six years. As the mother of six amazing children currently enrolled in Piscataway’s public schools, I know firsthand how important our public schools are to our families and to our community. I am currently serving as Chair of the Board’s Curriculum Committee, and I am glad to be running with Dr. Tom Connors and Zoe Scotto, because we all believe in Putting Kids First.

I have a proven track record of community service that is focused on kids and families. In addition to being on the School Board, I served as the President of Grandview PTO (2009-2013) and on the Board of Kids Need Support II (2015-2018).  I have been a Piscataway Girl Scout Service Unit Manager, a Cub Scout Leader, and a member of the Foster & Adoption Service Board of Directors (Embrella). As a parent and an advocate for children and youth, my mission is always to put their needs first.

That commitment to all of our kids is why I have been involved in our schools for so long. Public education may be free but it is not always easily or equitably accessible to all.  Student achievement – and closing the gaps among our student population – has been and continues to be extremely important to me.  I am honored that our schools, under prior Board leadership, have earned national recognition for our work to inspire success.  But I know that however a student is learning – whether virtually or in a classroom – some students face difficulty obtaining their education. I will always be a champion for all of our students. I look for innovative ways to bridge the digital divide, help families overcome economic disadvantages and increase support to ensure all students have what they need to be successful.

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I continue to advocate for expanded mental health resources for our school community.  We took steps under previous Board leadership to help make information more accessible and to expand mental health resources. We can continue improving communication among students, families, staff, and community leaders to make sure that we are supporting the emotional and social health of our children.  As a parent and a School Board member, I know our students need and want to be heard.

Being the diverse community that we are, parent and volunteer involvement is key to our students receiving a great education.  Unfortunately, our current Board leadership operating under the so-called “Better, Safer Schools” slate has been focused on political retribution and not on putting the needs of our students and families first.  I was proud to stand up for my friend and Board colleague Ralph Johnson when he was illegally removed by Kim Lane and other members of her slate.

Politics shouldn’t play a part in the education of our children. That’s why the School Board is a non-partisan election, separate from all the other choices on your ballot.  I took the oath of office and diligently uphold the code of ethics, including the requirement that I “refuse to surrender my independent judgment to special interest or partisan political groups.”  Unlike the Better, Safer Schools members who have violated that commitment, I will always do what is right for our kids. 

I ask for your vote so that I, along with Ralph, Tom Connors, and Zoe Scotto, can continue to be independent voices for Piscataway’s parents, students, faculty, staff and taxpayers.   We are in Column 2 on the back of your ballot.  I am grateful for the opportunity I have had to be on the Board and look forward to continuing to serve our wonderful community.