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Tom Steadman, Dr. Tony Guariglia, Mike Pfancook, George Williams, Bob Henken, and Paul Krier


Dear Stafford Resident,

We are only a day away from the General election on Tuesday, November 6th. This election is especially important since you, the voter, have the chance to take Stafford Township in a new and positive direction. Tuesday, November 6th is the time for your voice to be heard. Your vote is important.

Our entire team won the June Primary and we are proud to have been chosen by the voters. Our message was clear and well received. The local Democrats in this race did not appear on the June ballot, and their Mayoral candidate, is a bait and switch substitute for their first choice. Their campaign literature often doesn’t even mention that they are in fact Democrats or the others running in their column such as scandal plagued Bob Menendez. What are they trying to hide?

The Stafford Conservatives want to make Stafford Township an even greater place to live where individuals and local businesses can thrive. We bring a broad range of experience to seriously tackle the issues that face Stafford Township. Stafford Conservatives recognizes that the proper role for Mayor and Council is to be representatives and public servants. 

Our team has pledged to the hold the line on taxes, eliminate wasteful spending, and provide serious, responsible leadership. We will be a voice for our community and enact policies that will promote the rights and interests of all residents. We are Republicans who will fiercely speak out against liberal Democrat policies harmful to the best interests of Stafford that come down from Governor Murphy and the Democrat-controlled Legislature.

Stafford Conservatives will:

• Treat all residents with the honesty and respect they deserve

• Be wise and prudent with tax dollars, holding the line on taxes

• Ensure our Police Department, Fire Department, and First Aid Squad have the resources they need

• Fully support Stafford Sports and Recreation programs

• Recognize and promote the rich history of Stafford Township and efforts to preserve it

• Encourage the growth and development of new and existing businesses

• Support efforts to address the problems of the opioid crisis


Stafford Conservatives and Column A are the ONLY Republicans running in the November election.

Thank you for your consideration and I respectfully ask for you to Vote Column A on November 6th.



Greg Myhre

Republican Candidate for Mayor

-Paid for by Stafford Conservatives, 933 Bonita Lane, Manahawkin, NJ 08050