"Service is the rent we pay for being. It is the very purpose of life, and not something you do in your spare time.” -Marian Wright Edelman

As a servant leader, and most importantly your neighbor, I greet you as a candidate for Plainfield City Councilman At- Large. Serving the residents of Plainfield is my highest honor in a career filled with public service. My goal has been and will remain to revitalize our beloved city of Plainfield. I strongly believe we must finish what we have started.

As your neighbor, I believe it is vital for you to know more about me and better understand my dedication and love for the city of Plainfield. I am first and foremost the son of Patricia, Steve, and the city of Plainfield. I owe my most precious formative years to this City, as I was born in Muhlenberg Hospital, and attended Kings Daughters Day School and Jefferson Elementary. My father owned a record store here in Plainfield’s Fourth Ward. Steve’s Sound Shop could be found on the corner of Front and Clinton. It was at my father’s shop that I would play my favorite songs and would often get disappointed when a distraction compelled me to leave the shop in the middle of a recording a mix on a blank cassette. Some of my fondest memories took place in Queen City.

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After attending Delaware State University, I returned to Plainfield and attended Rutgers University School of Law-Newark. Today, I am a public interest attorney and serve as a leader in the legal field. I have led a service-filled career representing indigent tenants and homeless youth. I believe that my service is beyond my career achievements, as community is part of who I am. Accountability and responsibility are virtues I do not take lightly.

 Upon seeing the tremendous work being done in my hometown by Mayor Adrian Mapp, it became apparent for me to use my background to assist in the creation of a greater Plainfield.

In June of 2017, Plainfield took a chance on me, electing me to my first term as its representative. Since my election, I have worked tirelessly for not only the Fourth Ward but for all of Plainfield. Here are some of my proudest accomplishments:

  • It has been my duty and honor to protect the jobs of our first responders.
  • As an integral member of the economic development committee, I assist with increasing the investment in our City.
  • I ensured that some of our existing residents were not left behind as we secured much needed updates to Netherwood Village.
  • I supported free technology training for our residents.
  • In the best interest of our City, I applied my influence and pressure on the State to report and release racial and other demographic data regarding COVID -19 infections. That demographic data is needed so that communities of color, such as Plainfield, which face disproportionate health complications and issues, have access to testing, treatment, and deep recovery options.

While there is plenty more work to be done, the ongoing improvement is visible in every ward of this great City. The mantra, One Plainfield, One Future rings true more than ever with the administration and our Council.  Each Ward has unique characteristics that must be preserved and honored while improving on the lives of our residents through attentive constituent services and the responsible use of City resources.

The Coronavirus pandemic serves as a reminder of the importance of family and community. Plainfield is our collective family. I am proud of the way we are checking on our neighbors and how our essential employees are ensuring the safety and wellbeing of Plainfield residents. The pandemic illustrates our interconnectivity and tells us that our individual actions have a direct effect on our collective ability to thrive. The future of Plainfield will be guided by the spirit of inclusion and fiscal responsibility. The latter will be assisted by the A+ bond rating that Mayor Mapp was able to attain for the City.

As a servant leader and neighbor, I take great pride in our City. It is my personal mission to continue to work for you building on our great City’s accomplishments while continuing to actualize its potential. At heart, I am the same kid at Steve’s Sound Shop that loves to mix and record his favorite songs without interruption. To the residents of the Queen City, we are in the middle of a great mix, and I implore you to listen to it through the end. Please allow me to finish what we started. With this administration, your trust, and God, there is nothing we cannot accomplish.

Steve G. Hockaday, Esq., Candidate
Plainfield City Councilman At-Large
Column B Democrats