Many of us see the Presidential election as the most consequential in generations.  Here in Union, the Board of Education election this year will be the most consequential local election in generations.  You will get to elect three (3) Board members that will set the future direction of our schools.

Our names are Jeffrey P. East, Linda Richardson, and Nadège Ricketts.  And we are running for Union Board of Education as the team supported and endorsed by the Township of Union Democratic Party.  On the bottom of your mail-in ballot, we are Columns 2, 3, and 4.  Just remember 2-3-4.

Why are we running?  When Joe Biden launched his “Build Back Better” plan, it resonated with us.  Our school district had undergone challenging times.  But we too can build our schools back better.  We believe the Biden-Harris education plan helps our district meet the needs of our children, our educators, and our community.  That’s why we support and fully endorse the Biden-Harris education plan. 

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We honestly believe that our school district’s best days are ahead of us.  And to secure a better future for our schools, we need compassionate and strong leaders.  We are a team of proud parents and are deeply involved in our community.  Our team provides over 79 years of professional experience in public and private sector finance, compliance, and government administration.  Here is a little more about us.

Jeffrey P. East (#2) has been a Union resident for 10 years.  He and his wife Catalina have two children.  One attends Livingston Elementary School, and the other attends Garden of Wonders Daycare.  Jeff has 15 years of finance experience, currently working as a Consumer Underwriter at Wells Fargo.  Jeff is a District Leader of the Union County Democratic Committee.  Jeff spearheads and leads neighborhood beautification initiatives that enhance the quality of life for his fellow neighbors.  As a parent of a child at Livingston Elementary School, he also volunteered serving on its School Safety and Climate Team.

Linda Richardson (#3) has been a Union resident for 35 years.  She and her husband John have two children – Laura and Dan – both successful products of Union schools.  Linda has 49 years of government finance and management experience, first as Assistant to the Director of Revenue and Finance for 26 years and now as Director of the Irvington Counseling Center.  Currently on the Board, she is leading the District’s financial recovery and infrastructure improvement efforts.  She currently is a member of St. Michael’s Church and “We are our Sisters’ Keeper” in Vauxhall, NJ.

Nadège Ricketts (#4) and her husband Marco and daughter Kayla have been Union residents since 2013.  Nadège brings over 15 years of government finance experience, specializing in accounting and tax compliance, preparation, and research.  She currently works with the State of New Jersey as a Compliance Investigator.  Nadège is the President of the Union Township Democratic Club, Vice President of the Union Haitian American Civic Association.  She is also an alumnus of EmergeNJ, which trains and encourages women to run and get elected into office.

We invite you to go to our website at to read more about our team, our policy positions, and understand the vote-by-mail process.

Remember when you receive your ballot, vote 2-3-4: East, Richardson and Ricketts for Union Board of Education.  All of us – together – can build our schools back better.