I am honored and privileged to have been selected as the Mayoral candidate for the Republican Party in North Plainfield. I am running on a ticket with an amazing group of people; Christine Holman, Libni Reyes and Bob Fisher.


As a long-time resident of North Plainfield, with 5 generations of my family having resided here, including one that was a Mayor, Orlando (Lanny) Abbruzzese, I knew I had to run for office because of the escalating decay of our town.  I felt it was my duty to step up.


North Plainfield, once a beautiful, vibrant small town has turned into one with abandoned and boarded up homes, illegal housing, empty stores, rampant crime and an unprecedented attack on its gorgeous historic district.

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All of us candidates are homeowners. We therefore understand all too well how the failed policies of the Democratic Administration have had on property values and taxes. That is why our emphasis will be on doing everything we can to increase property values and decrease taxes. North Plainfield has the highest taxes in Somerset County and it goes way back. The burden is just too much for the residents to carry.


Christine Holman and I live in the Washington Park Historic District and understand the value and importance of maintaining the District and its valuable housing stock. We have been actively involved in all things associated with the District since we moved in over 20 years ago. In fact, it was Christine Holman who started us presenting flowers at the Memorial Day ceremony in the park within the District. There are 3 of us that dress in Victorian outfits for the occasion. Additionally, I was part of the bi-partisan team that had created the law that has kept the District, up until now, in good shape.


Libni Reyes lives near the Greenbrook Park. His family is constantly subjected to the noise, cars, traffic issues and illegal activities that goes on there. The complaints of the residents along there have fallen on deaf ears. Nobody has taken the Union County Park Commission to task. I will!


Bob Fisher was involved with the North Plainfield Recreation Committee. He, like the rest of us, wants to ensure the continuation of the great programming that comes from this organization for people of all ages. It is important to us all that the residents get to enjoy outdoor activities in a safe and healthy environment.


You can find out more about us by following us on Facebook at   https://www.facebook.com/NPRC2020/ , YouTube  , Instagram https://www.instagram.com/northplainfield2020republicans/ or on our Website https://garganoholmanreyesfisher2020.com/.


The North Plainfield residents deserve strong leadership who puts their interests first. That is why they need to elect us, GARGANOHOLMANREYESFISHER2020!