It’s hard to believe that it is almost election day. It seems like yesterday we were eagerly submitting our petitions to run for the Board of Education and taking commemorative pictures in front of the Sussex County Clerk’s Office. It has been quite an incredible experience.

We have seen a lot of positive support from this community and the only negativity has come from our opponents.

We don’t have PACs from outside of Sparta funding our campaign or sending out slanderous mailers. We haven’t dwelled on past failings or successes of our opponents. We haven’t turned this nonpartisan race into one that becomes divided by political party… because that is not what the Board of Education is about.

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The Board of Education is one of the few governing bodies served by publicly elected officials that is not affiliated with political parties. You are either GOOD for the school district or you are not. Regardless of your political association. We want to be GOOD school board members and that is it. Instead, we have spent our time and energy on working to make sure this community knows who we are and what we believe in.

In the end, Tuesday will come and go and change will be instituted in the Sparta School District at the Board of Education level or it will not. It will be in the hands of the voters. I just truly hope that the voters have taken the time to really research the candidates running and feel good about who they are getting behind. Kathryn Matteson, Jennifer Hamilton and I have spent a good amount of our own time, our own energy and our own money to get our message to the public.

We have met so many great people in this community and been welcomed into many homes for healthy constructive conversations.

We spoke to special education parents and also spent time talking with residents at Knoll Heights.

We have replied to every email and Facebook message we have received about why we are running and what we care about (and will continue to up until election day).

We have had lengthy phone calls with the citizens of this town to discuss their concerns and let them know what we stand for.

We haven’t spent any time attacking or focusing on the past activities of our opponents because we spent that time talking to YOU.

That was where we thought our energy was best spent because we ARE you. That is what the Board of Education is supposed to be. We are running to represent you because we ARE you.

We have laundry on our family room floors. We have a pile of sneakers and cleats in our doorways. We worry about homework and how our teenagers are doing emotionally. We also work very hard to earn the money we make. We pay our taxes consistently with that money and we care about what happens with those tax dollars just as much as you do.

We are running for the Board of Education because we have a vested interest in what happens in this school district. We are parents, we are taxpayers and we are ready to work. Our agenda is YOUR agenda because the success of the school district not ONLY benefits you and your family, it directly effects ours as well. That is what we would be working toward. That is why I believe we are the right choice for Sparta.

Please support Matteson, Grana and Hamilton on November 6th for the Sparta Township Board of Education.