My name is Sharon Winnick and I am running for Raritan Township Committee.  My family and I have lived in Raritan Township for 22 years. I was an educator and a para-professional in the area of special education in the Delaware Valley School District until I recently retired.

I have worked in the community by supporting the local Boy Scout and Girl Scout organizations and community theater. I am a volunteer at the Hunterdon Medical Center, support the Special Olympics, and Relay for Life along with various other charitable causes.

I am a member of the NJ Education Association and engage with their very active and influential Legislative Committee. I am an active congregant and member of the FJCC where I have served the pre-school board and various related committees.

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For me this election is about the future of our community and one of the major issues facing Raritan Township residents is traffic.

Recently a group of investors filed for numerous variances from the Board of Adjustment in Raritan Township to build a Wawa on the corner of Newcastle way and State Route 31 south. I attended those meetings and spoke with the residents of Newcastle Way. The residents are up in arms. To build a Wawa on that corner is inconceivable when it is the most congested intersection in Raritan Township. The residents of Newcastle Way reported that it currently takes 4 to 7 minutes to go south from the light at the medical center to Newcastle Way. Heaven help us if an ambulance or paramedics have to get through. Add to that the fact that numerous Route 31 travelers are leaving the highway and using the back roads to circumvent the traffic on Route 31 creating more traffic on our side roads which are already in disrepair. In addition, the State has no pending proposals to complete the widening of that stretch of Route 31. To even consider this proposal is ludicrous. It will be interesting to see what the Board decides. This is only the tip of the iceberg.

We need development but we need smart development. We need growth but we need smart growth. We need someone to say enough is enough. For too long we have been governed by individuals that have their own agenda with total disregard for the needs of the residents.

Cote for me in November and I will be your voice on the Township Committee.

                                                         Together We Can Make a Change