I championed the start of our local realtors getting together in town hall to learn more about Randolph’s strengths and selling features.  Hearing from our Township Manager and Superintendent of schools among others, these realtors had the opportunity get useful information to equip them to promote Randolph, increasing our home and business values. 

They asked many interesting questions that prospective buyers who are looking in Morris County ask them; mainly what does Randolph has to offer?  These realtors left with a large pamphlet full of information on demographics, our awarding winning parks, trails, maps, and other pertinent information. The realtors left well-equipped to speak about our township’s endearing qualities.

Now with this annual meeting of Realtors the realtors can talk Randolph up and increase the value of our homes and businesses.  The first meeting at town hall was with over 30 realtors, and those that couldn’t attend also received the information. With COVID we are in the process of redesigning this meeting, and making sure we are active and reactive to protecting your property value.

I’m Joanne Veech, running to be re-elected to the town council.  I ask for your vote and support to continue to help increase our housing and business market values.